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Overseas Employment


Date Modified: 07.13.2008
Content: Information on 0verseas employment

Overseas Employment

Does living in new and exciting surroundings sound appealing to you? Does making money while you do it sound even better? Pursuing employment overseas offers both the cultural experience of living and working overseas as well as the possibility of gaining new job skills while earning money. Working overseas is becoming more and more popular, so if you like the considered gaining employment overseas, here are some options that are available.

Types of Overseas Jobs Available

Overseas jobs can largely be divided into two categories -- those professional or skilled jobs that require substantial experience or training, and those that do not. The more "professional" jobs tend to hire exclusively in your home country, and usually offer higher salaries and perhaps an 'expat package' including housing and relocation allowance. The more informal jobs can be picked up while traveling abroad, but offer much lower salaries and few if any benefits.

>> Teaching English is by far the most popular type of overseas employment. It can be done both professionally or more informally. Get more information about teaching english overseas here.

>> Governments from almost all countries send their staff overseas for various reasons, most are long-term government employees but some are also consultants or contractors for specific projects.

>> Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) - There are many opportunities available for people with proven leadership abilities and a desire to help improve the lives of the third world. Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) employ professional expats all around the world such as UNESCO, the Asian Development Bank, CARE or World Vision.

>> The Petroleum Industry employs expats anywhere oil is extracted. Overseas employment on an oil rig can be a tough job, but the pay is good.

>> Multinational companies - Companies regularly ship employees overseas for various reasons — to set up or manage factories, overseas branches or joint ventures with local firms, to deal with purchasing and subcontracting, to provide specialist expertise or training, and so on.

>> Temporary jobs - If you're interested in temporary overseas employment, or your visa limits you to temporary jobs, there are a number of industries which often have work available:

  • Hostels and hotels
  • Theme parks
  • Tour operators
  • Teaching English or Other Subjects
  • Agriculture
  • Tourist sports

There are tons of opportunities for overseas employment. Why not start teaching English. Here's some info on how to find a job teaching English or jump right in and start searching English teaching jobs here





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